Who am I and if so how many?

Hello, my name is Sascha Grindau, this page is meant for all Google-Stalkers of mine.

It’s a honor to welcome you to my website. As beeing a vup(very unimportant person) i am not been googled on every day.
I am going to publish some pictures, information or even clips of mine, my live, about me, or topic-related, here on that webpage.
Of course censored, dressed up and just those information i want to publish of myself. Privacy is always an important asset.

Way too busy to re-publish jokes, duckface-selfies, typical german whining or the 100. private-blog. Imho for that topics „big-brother“ was meant (does it still exists?). Even every type of comments may, no, have to(!) lack here on that page. Because there is no reliable plugin out there which can filter for spam and quality. As we all know, user-generated content of low quality may lower the quality of your entire site, seo-wise. This page is a one-way-street. Enjoy not beeing interactive ;).

Ontop of that i wanted to blog something about seo, if time allows. But as we all know time is rare and i am trying to find the right balance of beeing in front of the computer connected to several new-media structures and leavin the technics behind me while doing somthing of the opposite.
SEO, by the way, with this emd(exact-match-domain) it was pretty easy to rank on #1 in the google serps even without domain-popularity (backlinks from different tlds(top-level-domains)). As i am currently updating my website to the english language, it will be exciting to see how Google reacts on the language switch. Setting up a multi-language with a generic domain and some „hfrelang-tags“ is easy. But what will happen when i do not set those tags and just change the content from „de_DE“ to „en“ on a clearly german tld?

*Update(16.11.2014): the plan to blog about seo failed mostly. There are more than enough topics than you could write into a book. But for serious blogging time lacks way too much. Huge analysis, or even a/b-tests are very time-consuming. Thats the reason i only published a handfull of short comments about seo. Maybe it ll change in the future, let’s see.


That’s me, Mario, ähm Sascha. 😀