SEO in 2015 – My personal prediction

Asking myself and others what will happen in 2015 and onwards, i want to share my thinkings. In 2014 a lot of seo-related topics came up. The wdf*idf-hype ended almostly, most google-algorhytm updates have been patched up to a reliable level.

2015 will be a tough year for small seo-agencys and single-freelancer. Google is controlling their new features pretty well. Webspam, low-quality-content (thin-content) and bad links are beeing detected nicely. The collateral-damage of the first revisions has been fixed for some time and most false-positves recovered pretty well. Everything looks and feels smooth as butter. The quality of the serps is high and there is no reason why it should change somewhat soon. Agencies with a high quality credo which are able to sell high-quality-seo to customers will benefit the most. Smaller agencies will have to reconsider their strategy and get a way to produce high-quality-content.

In 2015 the focus will shift on security (https), pagespeed, mobile-optimization. Large seo-agencys will profit the most, because seo will not be a one-man-to-rule-them-all-show anymore. You need a secure, fast website which generates good user-signals, offers high qualiy, less mistakes (broken links, misspelling, etc.), correct meta / header-data and of course brand-signals.

In  my oppinion there is a new spam-filter from Googling coming in 2015,2016 or 2017. For example, webshops only place topic-related texts somewhere on the category-page just to be unique and add some links. Those texts are mostly useless to users and just made for uniqueness and search-engines. If i were Google i would penalize this next. Because its one of the last „spam-like-methods“ which work pretty well. It would of cource be hard to detect it just by algorithm. They will be ablte to on one day for sure.

In the end, we the users profit the most. Search engines which provide high-quality search results will help us getting our tasks done. In the growing world wide web Google plays an important part. Pages load faster, pages are more secure and pages we find will provide a higher level of content. Thats why everybody is using Google.

What am i doing in 2015?

As for me? I want to try something different in 2015. Let’s see what happens.

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